Mar 27, 2014

Caring Costs Nothing

I enjoy watching TV as much as the next one but I hope I don't end up like the lady in the town of Oberursel in Germany.  She was found dead in front of her TV dressed in her nightdress.  Her partially mummified body was found on March 25th with a TV program from September nearby.

It is really sad to think someone can be dead in their home for that long without anyone finding them.  Where was her family or her friends or even a caring neighbor?  Surely someone realised  she hadn't been seen for six months or did they just  not care?

We should all make a resolution to  ensure this does not happen to anyone else.  If someone in your neighborhood is living alone drop in regularly and see if they need help.  It only takes a minute of your time
and costs nothing to show just a little caring for those lonely soles who have no  one else.

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