Aug 25, 2008

Unneccesary Discomfort

Sometimes we women put up with a lot of unnecessary discomfort because we are too embarrassed to talk about it or we think nothing can be done about it. One of the most common things that women tend to put up with is incontinence. A little incontinence for a short time after the birth of your baby is normal and common but if the problem does not go away then you need to speak to your doctor.

A study of 4,000 women by Kaiser Permanent which was funded by the National Institute of Health revealed that 1 in 3 women have problems with incontinence. Other research shows that 11% of women end up having surgery for a pelvic floor disorder. It is important to consult your doctor as the problem may be able to be rectified without surgery.

There may be medication that you can take and I am sure your doctor will advise you about the correct way to do pelvic floor exercises and hopefully the need for surgery will never arise. If you are one of the 11% who needs surgery there have been advances in this procedure which makes it much less invasive and can be done with laporoscopic surgery.

Incontinence is an embarrassing discomfort and is not something you should just 'put up with', so visit your doctor and start getting advice and treatment now. Remember, like everything else, early treatment is always the wisest option.

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